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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


WEDNESDAY - Travel Day

The long awaited day has arrived to begin our trip to India, Holland and Germany. Our friend, JW, is to come get us and our car at 11:30AM to drive us to Houston Bush Airport to catch our 4:10PM flight on Lufthansa to Frankfurt, Germany. We hurry to finish our last minute packing and house preparations. A cold front is blowing in and it begins to rain about 10:30AM and the temperature begins to drop. JW is right on time and
we leave in a steady rain with the temperature in the upper 40s. By the time we get to Hempstead, we drive through the front and into warm, moist air. The temperature difference is some 30 degrees! We arrive at the airport, check in, get our boarding passes, go through security and find the Lufthansa
Business Class lounge with a minimum of bother, especially compared with some other flights we have taken. Unfortunately, the front has reached us, it is raining with severe weather in the area so the plane is delayed an hour. Finally boarding shortly after 4PM, we take our seats, 12A & C, in Business Class of an Airbus A380. This is a fairly new, double-decker, monster with 500 plus passengers. The seats and area around them for our use seem quite nice. There is a ledge under the window that Jack claims as his own for his bed. The seats are roomy and comfortable with various positions for reading and TV, but unfortunately, though they are lie-flat, they the angled kind and it is difficult to find a comfortable position once we are ready to get some rest. Everything else about the flight is quite nice with good food and excellent service.

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