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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


THURSDAY - Second Travel Day

After an uneventful flight we arrive in Frankfurt, Germany an hour late due to the late departure, half way through our seemingly endless flight to India. We have plenty of time between planes but mess up and manage to get outside of the secured area when trying to find our connecting flight and have to go through security again. This team wants to strip search our computer bag but all is well and after another bobble as to best location, we find the right Lufthansa Business Class lounge in which to wait for our 1:45PM flight to New Delhi.

We did have a nice hiking tour of Terminal B from Gate 28 where we arrived to Gate 48 and back to Gate 23 where we took off from. After drinking a lot of water and eating a little food, we board a Boeing 747 and take our seats, 6A & C.

This passenger area is not as nice as the Airbus but the seats are much more comfortable. The staff is attentive but the food menu is Indian in deference to our destination and the make up of the passenger list. We verify that Indian cuisine, so far, is not to our liking and we eat and drink sparingly on this flight.

Our flight takes us in a East South East line between Frankfurt and New Delhi. We fly over the Black and Caspian Seas, Kabul, Afghanistan, Pakistan various desert areas and bald snow capped mountains, and into New Delhi a few minutes late at 12:45AM, Friday, April 12.


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