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Thursday, June 27, 2013


FRIDAY - Amsterdam

We awake to find overcast skies about 8AM. The hotel breakfast is very nice with lots of choices and of course the wonderful hot chocolate and coffee from the great machine! Carolyn makes up a doggie bag from the cold cuts, rolls and fruit on the buffet for our lunch and we head back to the room. We are really jet lagged this morning and decide to just enjoy the view from the room and work on our blog, we are really far behind on this whirl wind trip.

About 1PM Dick goes to look for a place to buy some coke and liquor (€23.50 for a liter of Jim Beam and €3.45 for a six pack of Coke) for the river boat. That done, we have lunch in the room and then head out to explore. It is cool with a little sun, but still windy. We walk along the Singel Canal up to the Flower Market. The stalls are full of tulips and bulbs in every color including black. Carolyn buys a bunch of yellow tulips and Delft style vase for them for the cabin and Dick buys some cheese.

As we head back to the hotel we read menus. Ludens’ looks the best so we pop in and make reservations for dinner at 8PM. Back in the room we have a cocktail and try some of the cheese.

Dinner was not as good a the menu sounded. Carolyn has quiche and a spinach salad that is very good, but Dick’s lamb leaves much to be desired. Back at the hotel a shot of the great hot chocolate and some cakes from the tray of sweets in the lobby fills the bill and we head off to bed happy, relaxed campers!

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