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Thursday, June 27, 2013


SATURDAY - Boarding the AMAVerde

Today we board our boat but we can’t do that for several hours. Once again, we enjoy the nice, included breakfast and pack our bags. That chore finished, we walk down over to an area called Jordaan. It is noted for its Saturday morning street markets. It is a beautiful day but almost cold. It feels good to stretch our legs.

The street market is interesting and is one of those in which you can buy a weeks worth of fresh meat, fish, octopus, squid and cheese plus flowers, underwear, books, sunglasses and shoes. 

What fun! Carolyn toys with buying some more of the beautiful tulips, but decides that might be a little much to get to the boat.

The city is alive with bicycles and people on foot. We think that this would be a very pleasant city in which to live providing you could afford to live in the inner-city along one of the canals. Fat chance!

After leaving the market, we stroll along the canals examining the house boats that line both sides of most of them. We later learn that it is very hard to get a canal houseboat permit. Most of the boats are decorated in a very eclectic style. One is covered with bottle trees!

Our feet are beginning to complain so we hail a taxi, return to the hotel and check out about one. We wait in the lobby until about 2 when we can call a taxi to take us to our boat, the AMAVerde. It is not far to the quay where the river boats dock and it only takes about 15 minutes to get there. Crew members are waiting to help with our luggage and we head on to the boat. We stop at the desk to check in and are soon in our very nice suite.

We spend the afternoon getting moved in and unpacked. Dick walks to the train station and hits an ATM machine for some more Euros. We enjoy our first dinner on the ship of prime rib and all the trimmings with some new friends and overnight on the ship at the dock.

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