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Saturday, June 29, 2013


THURSDAY - Willemstad, Kinderdijk and Shoonhoeven

It looks like we might have some sunshine today as we dock at Willemstad about 9AM. After another good breakfast, we head for the little village. We are to hear a organ concert recital at the church at 9:45AM, but have a few minutes to explore the information center where Carolyn buys a few souvenirs.

We get to the church just before the concert starts. It is a low key affair, but nice. Afterwards we explore this quaint village with its lovely quay and windmill turned into art studio.  

It is all aboard at 11:45AM as we sail 24 miles to Kinderdijk a World Heritage Site. We have lunch and watch the world go by from the balcony. About 3PM we arrive in Kinderdijk. There is a guided tour, but we strike out on our own and go first to the museum that is in the old pump house.

This place, a pretty waterway lined with windmills, looks just like we think Holland should look. Around 1740, at least 19 windmills were built here to drain excess water from the Alblasserwaard polders into the river Lek. They have been well preserved and many are still working. There is one that is working and open for tours down the path a ways.

We start toward it, but Carolyn sees a dock for a tour boat so she decides to do that while Dick walks to the windmill. Carolyn does the boat ride past the windmills, most of which have families living in them.

Dick says the tour of the inside was very interesting. It was set up like it would have been when families lived in and operated the windmills. It has turned out to be a sunny warm afternoon so this beautiful place is quite a treat.  

All aboard is 6:45PM and we depart for Schoonhoeven some a few miles up the river. We have cocktails and go to the Farwell Dinner which is very good with prime rib and all the trimmings. During dinner we dock at Schoonhoeven about 8PM. There is the beginnings of a beautiful sunset after dinner and we decide to get out and walk around Schoonhoeven, as it appears to be another neat little village.

We enter the village through the old city gate and follow the canal to the village center. It is charming place with some cute looking shops. We wish we had arrived earlier or were staying until later in the morning. We have a pleasant walk around until it is to dark to really see. Back at the boat we get some tea and head to bed.

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